Reviews & Ratings
Customer feedback could be one of the most valuable aspects that influence your online reputation. More than 70% of online shoppers read reviews and ratings of other consumers before making a purchasing decision. LeadZoomer identifies and evaluates all negative search results, more precisely, negative reviews and ratings followed which we design a customized branding strategy.

Our plan involves:

  • Bringing down the negative feedbacks and comments.
  • Replace them with positive search results.

Unfortunately, search engine does not allow deletion of negative reviews.But negative notices can be moved down to reduce its search engine visibility. Contact our team to have a strategic plan designed specifically to fit YOUR needs.
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Client Speak

Leadzoomer have been looking after all aspects of our online marketing for a year now and the service is exceptional, they are attentive, understand your business and put forward new ideas regularly. Without a doubt they are THE experts in this area.       -  Journeys with the Messiah

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